Alicia Antonuccio – Co-founder

Being a sport freak since my teenage years, I had to stop everything due to severe knee issues. Thanks to Aqua cycling I rehabilitated my knee and I can now enjoy working out again without suffering from knee pain! After witnessing this “miracle” Yannick and I decided to open Aquaspin™ together in Singapore, due to our love for the sport, and eagerness to share it with others on our summer island. I am a certified Spinning Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor, Pre-post natal and rehab instructor as well as an Aquaspin™ P.R.O, having done my courses in Europe & Singapore. I have clocked in countless hours running classes for Aquaspin™, and my experience will make sure that no two classes are the same!


My clients call me ECP “Evil Chili Padi”. This is because even though I am small and super bubbly, I will make sure you feel the burn!

Yannick Dedigama – Co-founder

Coming from an active and sport orientated family, I have always loved moving and competitive sports. I found Aquaspin™ to be a revolutionary exercise technique, and through learning and focusing on the exercise while building our business, I grew more and more aware that this concept will change the way we exercise. I truly believe that Aquaspin™ is a revolutionary way to exercise, for all populations. My passion is transgressed through each class that I teach, and the constant will to make exercise more accessible and more beneficial to all, makes me strive to build our brand and programs globally.

Edwin Lim – Aquaspin™ P.R.O

I come from a rather physical background. I started playing volleyball at 11 and continued at a high level throughout my teens.

I then fell in love with dance and the hip-hop culture. I spent 2 years dancing and realizing it wasn’t just dance that attracted me, it was movement. I started journey in movement as a parkour practitioner in 2013. Today I am parkour instructor; a mover and a passionate fitness professional that loves helping others meet their goals.

I am certified by The International Sports Academy Singapore, with specialisation in callisthenics and parkour (ADD Academy). I am also an ACE certified Personal Trainer and an Aquaspin™ P.R.O.

Mira Hisham – Business Administrator & Client Servicing

Being active has always been embedded in me! Since I was 9 years old, I could never get enough of the outdoors and any form of Physical Activities. I am always fascinated at the countless arrays and methods of physical exercise that people have managed to devise and Aquaspin™ is right on the money.

No matter what job or work that I have taken up, Sports never seem to stray from the choices that I make. I love to engage with people and to lend a helping hand!

If you need to know more about what Aquaspin™ has to offer, I can be of assistance!


Shireen Taj – Aquaspin™ P.R.O

After 10 long years in the finance industry, I’m finally pursuing my dreams. I started off my career in fitness teaching Boogie Bounce Xtreme. Having been a competitive swimmer from a young age, my love for water attracted me to water-based fitness . I got myself certified as an Aqua Aerobics Instructor by FISAF, started teaching Aqua Aerobics and now I am an Aquaspin PRO. Land spinning was never really my cup of tea but Aquaspinning was love at first sight! I love how the program makes you burn all those calories while having so much fun!

Louisa Marks – Aquaspin™ P.R.O

Growing up by the sea in the east of England, I was a water baby from birth. Swimming became my sport which I started competitively at the age of 8 until my teenage years. I still swim laps and  love other water based workouts such as Aquafit/aerobics .

Quite simply, I exercise to eat!  I have a very healthy appetite and love a cocktail too which means that I have to be active to keep my health and weight under control.  Its so important to enjoy your physical training and I personally keep it varied to ensure I am engaged.  I love finding new and fun activities and not long after moving to Singapore, I came across Aquaspin and started attending a few classes a week.  I got the ‘bug’ and joined the team as a PRO in 2021.  What I love about Aquaspin is not only that it keeps you cool in this crazy Singapore heat, but its low impact and you can work at your own pace, so anyone can do it…no excuses!  If you cannot come to one my classes, be sure to say Hi if you see me alongside you in another class! 🙂

Suzanne Murphy – Aquaspin™ P.R.O

Hailing from The United States my life has been geared around aquatics. I was raised on a lake and had a pool in my backyard. I began competitively swimming at the age of 8yrs-University. In High School I began teaching swim lessons before and after swim practice each day.

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Education I continued teaching swimming & started instructing HydroFit (deep water aerobics).
I eventually transitioned from competitive swimming to running. I was using land spinning as my cross training and in true Suzanne form became a certified Spinning instructor (having taught in both the U.S.A & S.Korea).
In 2019 I took my first Aquaspin class @ The Polo Club here in SG and KNEW right away I was hooked and wanted to share my love of teaching & fitness with others thru Aquaspin.

Edmund Miranda – Operation Executive & Aquaspin™ P.R.O

Being active, ever since the age of 16 years old, has awakened my drive and given me great clarity of the benefits of it and how connected it is with the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of life. I can never get enough of learning the various physical activities and am always eager to learn new skills. Because of this mental approach, I had the opportunity to enter the Wrestling Federation of Singapore and become an Olympic wrestling coach and athlete. Through this, my love for self development began to grow and thus began my journey into therapy, yoga, nutrition and the deep knowledge of the human anatomy.

I absolutely love that Aquaspin’s core value and mine are in sync which is to enrich and transform people’s lives. I am so grateful to be in this company and witness it grow and flourish everyday. Always reaching out to people in need of help and spreading positivity. Together spreading it like a ripple effect!

Sing Ru Toh – Aquaspin™ P.R.O

I stepped into a world of fitness during my masters degree exchange at University of California, Berkeley. He loved to attend group fitness classes as a hobby, such as cardio kickboxing, barrefit, spin, cardio dance, HIIT and many others.

I was inspired by the instructors, forged strong friendships, and eventually took a course to get certified. As a result, I was hired to teach cardio kickboxing in the schools’ gym.

My love for spreading fitness continued upon graduation, thus I decided to pursue a full time career in the sports industry to continue my passion for teaching others 🙂

Ridzwan Ahmed –  Aquaspin™ P.R.O

I have been a fitness trainer for 15 years now and my passion is to motivate others to live a healthier and positive life. I took those years as a learning journey for myself as well, that have benefited my mind, body and soul. I have always been an athlete since young winning medals in various sports such as body building, track and field, badminton, speed climbing and dragon boat racing.

I am a certified Physical Training Instructor, an ACE accredited TRX Functional Trainer and a certified Pool Lifeguard. I had the pleasure of being a kids gymnastic coach for a few years and now I am excited about being an Aquaspin™ P.R.O! I fell in love with the first lesson that I took and I would like to take this opportunity to share the benefits of Aquaspin™ to as many hearts as I can. So do join me and the rest of the Aquaspin™ team in the pool soon! Let’s get strong! 

Nicoy Lee –  Aquaspin™ P.R.O

I love the water. I have been swimming for over 10 years and I have been teaching swimming for over 2 years. I came across Aquaspin™ during one of my lifeguard duties and was fascinated by the whole thing. I did not know such an aqua fitness program existed and after doing a bit of research and talking to the founders, I was sold!

I just love the unique concept that Aquaspin offers and how it caters to every demographic. Seeing clients give it their all and getting fitter truly makes my day, even if  they do glare at me when I say “one more sprint!”

Alyaa Rauff – Social Media Manager & Aquaspin™ P.R.O

I was never someone who was overly actively growing up. But around 18 that changes as I took up running – eventually actually becoming good at it and running 5-6 days a week. That eventually led me into practicing yoga, swimming, strength training and literally everything else I do now!

The process happened quite quickly and within a couple years I couldn’t imagine myself going back. I’ve lost weight, gained confidence

I’m now a registered Hatha yoga teacher, ACE certified PT, Pre and Post Natal certified PT and now an Aquaspin™ PRO. Quite a change from the person I used to be growing up, and people tell me all the time! But I love the new me so much more!
With everything I have, I just want to help more people move their bodies and stay as healthy as they can possibly be.

I was never a big fan of land spinning but after trying one Aquaspin™ class with Alicia, my love for being in the water and wanting to keep moving my body moving and healthy came together so perfectly!

Casee Arhens – Training and Development Manager & Aquaspin™ P.R.O

Having been born and raised in Canada, I grew up living a very active lifestyle. Be it running, cycling, swimming or dancing, I enjoyed it all! My passion for all things movement led me to my personal training, group fitness and cycling certifications over 15 years ago.

In 2015 I was lucky enough to bring my passion for “sweating it out” over to sunny Singapore – where I seem to be “sweating it out” all the time! Singapore inspired me to do most of my exercise outside so Aquaspin™ made my new fitness regime both challenging and refreshing!

Most recently I used Aquaspin™ as my choice of exercise during pregnancy 🙂 I was thrilled as I could exercise in cool water at a challenging intensity whilst keeping the impact low. Today as an Aquaspin P.R.O instructor, I am excited to motivate, energize and share my enthusiasm for Aquaspin™ with you all!