Alicia Antonuccio – Co-founder

Being a sport freak since my teenage years, I had to stop everything due to severe knee issues. Thanks to Aquaspinning I rehabilitated my knee and I can now enjoy working out again without suffering from knee pain! After witnessing this “miracle” Yannick and I decided to open Aquaspin™ together in Singapore, due to our love for the sport, and eagerness to share it with others on our summer island. I am a certified Spinning Instructor as well as an Aquaspin™ P.R.O, having done my course in Europe & Singapore. I have clocked in countless hours running classes for Aquaspin™, and my experience will make sure that no two classes are the same!


My clients call me ECP “Evil Chili Padi”. This is because even though I am small and super bubbly, I will make sure you feel the burn!

Yannick Dedigama – Co-founder

Coming from an active and sport orientated family, I have always loved moving and competitive sports. I found Aquaspin™ to be a revolutionary exercise technique, and through learning and focusing on the exercise while building our business, I grew more and more aware that this concept will change the way we exercise. I truly believe that Aquaspin™ is a revolutionary way to exercise, for all populations. My passion is transgressed through each class that I teach, and the constant will to make exercise more accessible and more beneficial to all, makes me strive to build our brand and programs globally.

Edwin Lim – Aquaspin™ P.R.O

I come from a rather physical background. I started playing volleyball at 11 and continued at a high level throughout my teens.

I then fell in love with dance and the hip-hop culture. I spent 2 years dancing and realizing it wasn’t just dance that attracted me, it was movement. I started journey in movement as a parkour practitioner in 2013. Today I am parkour instructor; a mover and a passionate fitness professional that loves helping others meet their goals.

I am certified by The International Sports Academy Singapore, with specialisation in callisthenics and parkour (ADD Academy). I am also an ACE certified Personal Trainer and an Aquaspin™ P.R.O.

Zaition Janidi – Business Administrator

33 years of working experience. I started out in retail sales (with French cosmetics YvesSaintLaurent and House of Nina Ricci). Subsequently moving on to Office Administration and Management before making a mid-career switch to the spa industry. I have worked in 5-stars Leading Hotels of the World properties in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Maldives, Lebanon, Morocco and Seychelles.

Computer literate, very familiar with Mindbody online and well-versed with customer service standards.

I speak, read & write: Malay (native), English (fluent), je me débrouille en français.

Otherwise, just your regular Singaporean Aunty-lah ?

Shireen Taj – Aquaspin™ P.R.O

After 10 long years in the finance industry, I’m finally pursuing my dreams. I started off my career in fitness teaching Boogie Bounce Xtreme. Having been a competitive swimmer from a young age, my love for water attracted me to water-based fitness . I got myself certified as an Aqua Aerobics Instructor by FISAF, started teaching Aqua Aerobics and now I am an Aquaspin PRO. Land spinning was never really my cup of tea but Aquaspinning was love at first sight! I love how the program makes you burn all those calories while having so much fun!

Lynnette Chia – Aquaspin™ P.R.O

Started out with road cycling competing in races locally and overseas, I enjoy being on the bike & having the wind in my face. I then went on to teach Indoor Cycling/Spinning since 2008 at various gyms, and late last year, I was introduced to Aquaspin™.

Initially a little hesitant as water sports has not always been my thing, I loved it the first time I tried an Aquaspin™ class!
I loved that it incorporates a full body workout, that it’s a safe, effective & fun exercise for various groups & activity levels of people. I enjoy being around a team of like-minded instructors, as well as the members that are friendly, warm and just want to have a good time!
I am a certified Aquaspin PRO, and also have certifications in Spinning, Bodypump, TRX & Step programs.
I hope to encourage more people to get active in fitness & exercise, regardless of their age, injury & lifestyle. And I strongly believe that it is one of the best ways to stay fit physically & mentally. My personal goal is to stay agile, healthy & young-looking even as I get older, and I hope to be able to inspire my members to do the same!

Tatiana Hultqvist – Aquaspin™ P.R.O

I have both Russian and Swedish citizenship but I chose Singapore as my home!

I have over 15 years of experience teaching aqua aerobics classes in Singapore, China and Thailand. I am also a Wellness and Nutrition Consultant and Watsu (water therapy) practitioner.

You guessed it I’m an aquaholic!

I love teaching and bringing high energy to my classes. I really enjoy Singapore’s intercultural environment it is so interesting to meet people from all around the world!

I look forward to sharing my passion & enthusiasm for aqua workouts with everyone!