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Introduction - The Aquaspin™ license

Aquaspin™ provides licenses for corporate and individuals. This gives gym franchises, private gyms or individuals a key in hand opportunity to easily implement the Aquaspin™ program into their facilities.  

Proposal – The Aquaspin™ License

Innovative and publicity enticing program Aquaspin™ is not only an innovative workout, but also promotes Word Of Mouth, and PR publicity of your establishment.
Growing brand, growing sport - Aquaspin™’s brand is established in Singapore and SEA, and we are growing globally, establishing partnerships with hotels, clubs and standalone gyms. - Aqua Spinning’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, with studios, gyms, and individual trainers adopting the sport globally.
Grow your revenue Aquaspin™’s program is a great way to increase revenue from your activities sector, and utilize your pool to its maximum potential. Turn your pool into revenue generator rather than a cost!

What is Aquaspin™?

started-1 Started with a passion to bring Aqua Biking to Asia, and expand the understanding of the sport globally
started-2 The only company which has merged the knowledge and expertise of running Aqua Biking classes, with a brand name, and created a product easy for you to adapt
started-3 Aquaspin™ is constantly challenging itself to bring you the most up to date in training programs and support, in order to ensure the smooth running of your classes

Commercial Opportunity

Increase membership and awareness

Clubs which introduce our classes have seen an increase in memberships by at least 10%, due to increase PR and clubs brand awareness.

Promote your existing business

Aqua Spin classes will create a buzz when introduced then WOM will create more awareness of your establishment and your membership/activities. We have also seen direct links to increase F&B and SPA sales from our classes.

Attract new clients/demographics, increase engagement

Aqua Spin is a sport which is beneficial to everybody, from absolute beginners to athletes. With Aqua Spin, you can promote your classes to people from all backgrounds, and engage more current members to join activities.

Cost to profit

Pools are an expensive infrastructure to run, and usually underutilized. Turn your pool into a revenue generating structure!

Increase Revenue

Existing clubs which have introduced Aqua Spin’s program have seen revenue of $10k per month. (based on classes 4 times per week)

Why Aquaspin™?

Experience 4 years experience of running classes to help guide you and build programs.
Support Ongoing support throughout the entire lifecycle, from introducing the program, to ongoing management and training.
Booking & Clients We can facilitate booking & client management with our online software.
Brand Recognition Strong brand recognition due to broad media coverage and word of mouth. Articles published in many leading News papers, Magazines and Television programs.
Communication Marketing and communication support using our broad range of research papers, articles and poster/flyers. Our team will ensure that proper PR channels are contacted and the class is promoted in your location.

Leave it to us

Aquaspin™ will ensure that your Aqua biking classes are rolled out smoothly with 3600 support

We will provide:
  • Best price on Poolbiking equipment
  • Aquaspin™ P.R.O Certification (accredited by ACE, Fitness Australia and REPs)
  • Marketing Kit to market your classes
  • Latest playlists, choreographies and speaker system
Our ongoing support will ensure the long term success of the class’s


Our Master trainers have been certified by Poolbiking in Spain
We have now put a Certification program in place which will ensure your trainers hold the best Aqua Spinning certification on the market  
Certifications and further training will be held by Master trainers from Aqua Spin

Continuous training will be provided for all trainers in order to provide them updated programs and ongoing support

Contact Us

For further information regarding pricing of equipment and license, please contact:
Yannick Dedigama +65 9321 6200
Alicia Antonuccio +65 9698 9202

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