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What should I bring for the session?

Please bring along a swimsuit, a towel, a bottle of water and some sunscreen if needed. No other equipment is required.

What are your Aquaspin™’s session prices?

We provide 7 package options to buy sessions;

  • First trial UNLIMITED for a week $60 (Valid only for first timers)
  • Drop in sessions $50 (no min validity)
  • Bronze Package $180 (4 sessions valid one month) Price per session $45
  • Silver Package $400 (10 sessions, valid 3 months) Price per session $40
  • Platinum Membership weekly $89 (UNLIMITED sessions valid one week) Price per session $29
  • Platinum Membership monthly $320 (UNLIMITED sessions valid one month) Price per session $25
  • Platinum Membership quarterly $840 :UNLIMITED sessions valid three months (has to be paid in full prior the first session) Price per session $20

All sessions must be used within the respective dates bought, no sessions will be carried forward after the validity period. All packages have to be paid in full prior the first session. There will be NO refund once a package is bought.

For our Platinum members : Please note our late cancellation / no-show policy :

For all late cancel / no show bookings for Platinum members ONE DAY of validity will be taken off your package. If you are unable to attend your scheduled booking, please cancel 24 hours in advance so we can free up your slot for an other rider.

What if I join mid month?

Each membership type begins its validy when you start your first session. EG, if you start on the 15th of January with a Silver membership, you have three months validity until the 15th of April to use all your sessions.

Are packages transferable or shareable?

Each package is to be used by the person who has purchased the package. If the package was bought by a spouse/parent, for the designated use of their spouse/child, then the package is only valid for the person it was designated to. Packages are non-transferable, however we will work on a case by case basis in light of, severe injury, repatriation, or expatriation from the country.

What if I travel or can’t make it one week or more?

We highly recommend that you complete or use as many sessions as possible before your trip. For Bronze and Silver packages, you have to use the number of sessions bought within the time frame dedicated.

Do you have a ‘No Contract’ option?
Yes you can join us for a Drop in,  our Bronze or Silver package. For more information please check out our RATE page

Can I freeze my package?

You can freeze your package for a week for $50.  You can buy your “freeze a week option” on our RATE page.

Can I join different Aquaspin™ locations ?

Sure! All our Clubs are open to the public. More info on our locations on the SCHEDULE page.

What is the Mind Body Online booking system?

We strive to put the power in your hands, with Mindbody Online you can manage your own account, book yourself into the sessions which are convenient to you, and view your history. We stand by if you need any help with this, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What happens if I am ill?

If you are ill and can cancel 24 hours in advance, then you will be able to redeem your session. If you are ill and cancel less than 24 hours in advance, then please submit a medical cettificate to our staff to receive a make up session.

What if I sustain an injury or am pregnant?

If you sustain an injury, we ask you to please seek a doctors advice regarding exercise, if you are advised against so, we will freeze your package or membership until you are cleared medically.

If you are pregnant, then you can still participate in Aquaspin™ sessions. Our sessions have been recommended by doctors as the water helps alleviate the weight of the baby, and keep your cool. However, if you feel that you are not able to exercise you still can freeze your package or membership.

Please note, medical certificates are required to freeze your membership for medical reasons.

How long does my account remain frozen?

Aquaspin™ will keep frozen accounts for up to 6 months. If you have sustained a major injury or illness, please contact us in order to work on your case.

If I am booked in, can I change my session time or cancel?

All changes to sessions must be made 24 hours in advance of your session. All changes can be made through our booking system, or by emailing us at

How old do you have to be to join Aquaspin™?

Aquaspin™ classes are open to all ages, minimum high requirement is 1.5 meters

Can I try Aquaspin™ before joining?

Yes, come discover the revolutionary way to exercise with our one week unlimited trial for $60 only!

Can I Aquaspin™ if I can’t swim?

Yes! Our sessions are in the shallow end of the pool, and at no time is your head submerged in the water.

I haven’t received my log in details for Mindbody Online yet, what do I do?

Please email us at and we will issue you your log in details for Mindbody online.

Does Aquaspin™ accept cash or cheque?

You can pay by cash or cheque, for drop in sessions or packages, although payments must be made before you can book your session. Once payment is made, your account will be credited and you can then book your sessions.


How do I book classes online?

Class bookings can be made via our online booking portal. You will first need to register for online booking before you can use this system. To do this, please follow the steps by clicking here.

Are there changing facilities and showers?

Yes, all Aquaspin™ venues are fitted with showers and changing rooms.

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

First timers are urged to come 15 minutes before the beginning of the session so our  Aquaspin™ P.R.O can guide them through on how to use the equipment, and how the session is run.

Do you provide towels?

Most clubs provide towels at the location, although to be safe, bring one to your first session.

Does Aquaspin™ offer car parking?

Yes! Most clubs we offer our sessions include free parking, some may charge a minimal amount.

What if it is raining?

We do not cancel classes because of the rain. We will cancel only if the weather conditions are dangerous (thunder & lightening).

Aquaspin™ classes are ON unless advised by our team. If we have to cancel a class we will send you a text up to 30minutes before the start of the class.

What if the weather is hazy?

PSI BELOW 100: Everyone can ride!

PSI BETWEEN 100  TO 150 : We do not recommend participating in our Aquaspin™ sessions if you are pregnant, or if you have any respiratory difficulties. All other Riders can join us, all sessions remain on as usual.

PSI OVER 150 : We will automatically cancel the session by sms or email at least an hour before the class. We will re-credit your session back.

How does our rewards program work?

The more you spin, the higher rewards you get! You can start redeeming your points when you have reached 100 points to get free sessions, aqua spin merchandise or gift voucher for friends!

How to get points?

$5 spent = 1 point

Refer a friend = 40 points

Book 1 class online through MindBody Online = 1 point

How do I know how many points I have?

Your points will be shown on your client profile on MindBody Online

What if the class has low registration? 

We will keep a class on as long as there are 1 Rider registered. We will cancel the class by 8:30pm the preceding day if there is zero registration for the next day.   All cancelled classes are shown on our schedule.

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