Equipment: Introducing the Aqua Bike

Aquabiking is a unique sport, which can be beneficial for so many different populations.

Our Singapore based aquatic centres give you a workout with a difference. Aqua cycling deviates significantly from normal cycling through one main component: water resistance.

Why using  aqua bikes?

The unique nature of the aqua bike works with a principle called F.P.R, full progressive resistance, which forces the participants to work all the way through the pedal stroke and creates a customised resistance level. The different classes conducted at Aquaspin™ draw on this key feature, taking advantage of its modification abilities: by changing seat positions, varying the degree of acceleration, and altering interval sessions, our aqua bikes have the capacity to make you work hard while being adaptable to all fitness levels.

These nifty machines have been specifically crafted to achieve optimal body sculpting. By planting the focus on resistance, the body’s muscles receive high levels of attention, resulting in toned, strengthened and defined muscle development. This revolutionary exercise equipment is conveniently multi-purpose, meaning it can be used for more intensive workout sessions targeting weight loss and athletic training, or on the other end of the scale, soothing classes for rehabilitation and physical therapy purposes.

Boasting professional-grade aqua bike and aqua treadmill equipment from Europe

Having tested and being using the Poolbiking equipment at our Aquaspin™ facilities for more than 4 years we are proud to align ourselves with the best equipment on the market. The Poolbiking bikes are of the utmost quality and have withstood commercial use extremely well. Renowned for the use of high quality marine-grade steel with an electro polished protective treatment, our aqua cycling equipment is robust, ergonomic and innovative in design. Furthermore, Poolbiking bikes do not require the use of aqua shoes, which makes the session more accessible to a wider population.

Looking for an aqua gym corner for your facility? Poolbiking offers a wide range of products from aqua bikes,  aqua treadmills, aqua ellipticals and even aqua bikes specialised for the beach!

What ever you are looking for, if it is in the water, we have it!

For more information and pricing on the Poolbiking products please contact our Singapore representative, Yannick : or  +65 9321 6200

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