“We wanted to challenge convention and routine; the film we’ve created shows so much passion, focus and dedication that I hope it will encourage fitness fans to do the same”.

In partnership with renowned American Olympic athletes, Missy Franklin, Ryan Lochte and Cullen Jones, the faces of Speedo FIT, and star crusader Laird Hamilton, aka the world’s greatest Waterman.

Speedo has launched a multi million-dollar advertising campaign to educate the world, and help everyone “Discover the power of water”. “Most trainers would say, that swimming is THE BEST full body workout. While that’s true, we’re seeing the pool differently these days, and its looking more like an all in one fitness center.”

Speedo has not only released attention grabbing advertising TV spots, but they have also developed an incredible platform on their website, with a directory of aquatic based exercise’s which can be done with or without equipment.

This directory of exercises, has been developed in partnership with EXOS, a proactive health and performance company, developing success in elite athletes, and military. “Cutting edge fitness regimens inside the pool that will take your training to the next level”.

EXOS founder and president Mark Verstegen takes front stage, presenting in the Speedo FIT campaign video introducing the 5 benefits of water. Mark believes the aquatic environment is an integral part of training for elite athletes, which should be integrated by the wider population. The 5 main components which makes water so powerful, according to Mark, is; No gravity for reduced impact, increased coordination, which means more efficient training, without creating any “overuse injuries”. Consistency, water provides a multi plane and consistent resistance for any range of motion. Concentric movement, a different type of movement, this type of movement doesn’t cause soreness, so it’s a perfect compliment to your dry land training. And compression! It helps to flush out tissue, improve circulation, and improve the lymphatic system.

“Fusing all these together, aquatic training has to be integrated, to support our leading athletes, tactical teams and all the rest of us in the game of life.”

What does this mean for you and me? With a large brand such as Speedo not only endorsing aquatic exercise, but providing the rational to why aquatic exercise is so powerful, more adults will see the benefits, more facilities will see the benefits, and we will all benefit from aquatic exercise becoming mainstream, for our health, and longevity.

Aquaspin™ is dedicated to bringing the most efficient fitness training methods to the market. Designing each program, we release to ensure that our clients are provided with an engaging and enjoyable workout, while benefiting from our knowledge to ensure they get the most of their quick and powerful session.

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