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Aquaspin™’s sessions have been specially designed by our trainers to be challenging yet fun cycling sessions. Each session is tailored to provide a full body workout, using various fitness techniques in order to get the most out of each minute. We incorporate a variety of positions to target specific parts of the legs, arms (and abs!), and a variety of speeds to promote strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Our sessions are particularly designed to involve all participants, no matter your fitness level (Click here to sign up today!)


01 Burn more calories +

Burn 3 times more calories than regular land based exercise. Average calorie burn per session at Aquaspin™ is 800kcal! This is due to the constant resistance of the water, and the high intensity class programming.

02 No muscle soreness +

That’s right! Aquaspin™ induces a massage from the water, this aqua massage is the key to make sure that lactic acid does not build up in the muscle, and it is transported through the body. This helps not only make sure you don’t feel sore the next day, but also makes sure you can work at your maximum, throughout the session!

03 Zero impact+

Aquaspin™ harness the inartistic buoyancy of the water, to provide a zero impact state for your joints. This is great as a preventative measure, and excellent for recovering form injuries or sugars, arthritis back ache, osteoporosis and other lines’s.

04 Cellulite killer! +

Aquaspin™ is clinically proven as an effective means to combat cellulite. The unique massage of the water on the legs helps to break down the cellulite cells and eliminate them. Studies have shown a connection between Aqua biking and its ability to generate a natural massage, which engages both agonist and antagonist muscles to drain the lymphatic system, which eliminates cellulite.

05 Enhance blood circulation +

Hydrostatic pressure and out unique aqua massage, help to increase the blood circulation in your body. Both are unique to Aquaspin™, and drastically improve the bodies ability to return oxygenated blood around the body.

Aqua massage has been clinically proven to prevent and reduce varicose veins, and to help the body reduce water retention under the skin.

06 Full body workout +

Aquaspin™ sessions are designed to give you a full body workout. unlike regular indoor cycling sessions, our sessions are designed to engage your upper body through resistance movements with your hands in the water, and through static exercises in the water, such a pushups.

We also incorporate abdominal exercises to each session to keep you strong, and the constant movement of the water ensures that your core remains engaged throughout the session. This all ensures that you will be fitter and stronger!

07 Aqua Resistance +

You can’t cheat! Aquaspin™’s bikes have a hydrodynamic designed pedal, which use a Full Progressive resistance concept. This concept causes the hydrodynamic pedal to regulate progressively the resistance according to the speed of motion. Therefore, the fitter and stronger you are, the harder the water will make you work! The waters resistance can be 42 times greater than air, creating an environment for an intense workout, yet gentle on your joints..

08 Improves cardio endurance (H2O heart rate) +

Cardiovascular training enhances our ability to process oxygen to feed our muscles energy, our classes are designed to increase your body’s ability to do just that!

The unique properties of water enable your heart to work more efficiently. The hydrostatic pressure of water pushes equally on all body surfaces and helps the heart circulate blood by aiding venous return (blood flow back to the heart), yet making the respiratory system work harder, therefore leading to stronger respiratory muscles.

09 Pregnancy +

Aquaspin™ is beneficial and recommended for pregnant women, due to buoyancy of water, the added weight of the baby is absorbed, and less strain is put on the back, hips and other parts of the body. The cooling effects of the water also prevents overheating, which can be damaging to the babies growth.

Improving a mothers ability to process oxygen will also help oxygen flow to the baby, increasing the health. The increased blood circulation has also been linked with helping decrease the swelling in ankles and feet, and well as reduce varicose veins.

10 Hydrostatic pressure +

is the water’s pressure on the body whilst submerged. Hydrostatic pressure has many benefits to the body, it increases venous return and reduces the heart rate, helps reduce localized edema following tissue injury to increase our recovery, and increases the rate of metabolic waste removal from muscles.

11 Keep cool! +

Water reduces body heat 25x higher than air, which ensures that you keep a cool body temperature, even when giving your maximum.

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