Looking for a fun, low impact & effective way to get in shape?


 Join us for 45min full body workouts in the water, ranging from HIIT, Endurance, Circuit Training and even Yoga & Meditation.  Our wide range of programs is open to all fitness levels, island wide and even from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are looking to get stronger, fitter, overcome an injury or simply maintain a healthy body, Aquaspin™ has the perfect class for you.



YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A LOW IMPACT WORKOUT: Are you feeling any joint pain, recovering from an injury or in your pre post natal journey? All Aquaspin™ classes are designed with your needs in mind so you can workout freely in a safe environment.


GOING TO THE GYM ISN’T APPEALING: We get you. The smell, the crowd, the looks…We have all felt scared stepping in at the gym for the first time and feeling like you already need to be fit to belong. Whether this is your first step back into fitness or you are already exercising regularly, our pools are a welcoming and  judgment free zones. Join our community and make exercising your new friend!


YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PERSONALISED APPROACH: Let’s be honest : There is NO WAY a coach can watch your form and be sure you are doing the right thing when you join a class of 30. That’s why our classes have 12 pax max. Our approach is quality over quantity. We are motivating AND correcting you during class to make sure you get the best out of it.

Is this you? Try Aquaspin™ today and join the new wave of aqua fitness sweeping over the globe!



FIND A WORKOUT YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO DO: We believe the key to a healthy & fit body is the mind. Once you fall in love with our Aquaspin™ classes and the way you feel during and after class, you will look forward to get back in the pool again and again.


FIND A WORKOUT THAT WORKS FOR YOU: Tired of trying the latest fads and being disappointed? Same here! We focus on delivering high quality, tailor made programs that work for you. Period.


FIND PEOPLE WHO CARE: Our dedicated and passionate team and our wonderful community will support you, always. We are in this TOGETHER



It all started when…

I (Alicia) got diagnosed with a patellofemoral syndrome in 2007. I had to stop all impact sports and was SO frustrated with the limited choices I had until I heard of Aqua biking.


That was a R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N !
I could finally get a high intensity workout WITHOUT worrying about injuries!


When I moved to Singapore in 2011 I realised no one had heard of Aqua biking. Convinced that we could change peoples lives through this amazing activity, my partner Yannick Dedigama and I launched Aquaspin™ in 2012 with the purpose of providing a low impact alternative to those who want to keep fit in Singapore and beyond

Workout freely without worrying about injuries – Aquaspin™ has the perfect class for you!

Hear it from our Riders


Try Aquaspin™ today and join the new wave of aqua biking fitness sweeping over the globe!